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Tournament and competition rules

  1. All matches are played according to the rules of the NHV (Dutch Handball Federation).
  2. For each participating team, a completed European tournament form must be present by the leadership before the tournament starts. A blank form will be mailed to the participating teams.
  3. The game duration is 2x 30 minutes with 10 minutes rest.
  4. Each team is entitled to 3 time-out per game in accordance with game rules.
  5. In case of a disqualification (direct red card), which leads to a report and suspension according to the rules (8: 6 and 8:10), the player / player concerned will be excluded for the next match.
  6. Referees are asked to strictly uphold the game time. The tournament leadership reserves the right to shorten games to prevent the program from running out. At all matches a secretary time attorney is present.
  7. Each team is requested to be present at the playground 10 minutes before the start of his match. When it does not appear for a match, a 5-0 defeat will be followed.
  8. The first-mentioned team in the program is considered home-playing and takes the first throw, while the guest team selects the playing half and ensures by uniform shirt color for shirts with a different color.
  9. Referee decisions are binding and can not be protested at the tournament leadership.
  10. At an equal number of points (after the poule matches) consecutive the goal balance, the one with the most goals will decide the results and this will be the  lottery for the finals.
  11. After a draw in the finals, there will be a penalty shootout 2×5. Will this also end in a draw, then there will be a sudden death penalty shootout.
  12. In all cases where these rules do not provide, the tournament leadership will decide.
  13. It is only permitted to use a resin on a water basis. The organization ensures that there is a pot at the competition table during the matches.
  14. Match balls will be taken care of by the organization.